The Facility

Doggy Hydeaway Rescue Rehab
is a home-based facility specializing in behavior rehabilitation, modification and socialization.  We are located on a beautiful 10 acre property in Valley Center CA (see below for a history of Valley Center!). Our rural setting provides a completely natural habitat where a stressed out dog can decompress in a quiet atmosphere.    There are trails on and off property, as well as several large, open areas for playing fetch and running. There are many fenced-in areas used for introduction, pack integration, working with behavior issues, and when needed, the ability to separate a large number of dogs into smaller packs. There is ample shade throughout the property due to an abundance of trees. We also have a fully enclosed swimming pool which provides a great way to keep cool in the summer months, or for a no impact way of exercising dogs with arthritis or hip issues.
A typical day at the Doggy Hydeaway consists of structured morning exercise such as fetch, walks on leash, or playing with buddies in the large fenced-in areas.  After exercise, breakfast is served, then everybody relaxes in their favorite spots, either outdoors or indoors, for a few hours.  Then, before dinner is served, another round of structured exercise releases any remaining tension to provide a good night's sleep for everyone.  Baths are given periodically, when needed, and during the summer, swim therapy in our fully enclosed swimming pool area is used in place of some forms of exercise due to the warmer temperatures of the summer months.  All of our guests seem to thoroughly enjoy their time in the pool!

Our well-balanced pack of dogs helps our behaviorist with his rehabilitation training, providing the unbalanced dog with an example of how a balanced dog behaves.  

We also provide physical therapy for dogs who have been through surgery for an injury and need a quiet place to heal and get their structured exercise based on a vet's recommendations.  

Our senior guests are exercised based on their state of health and needs.  We do find that many older dogs that don't get much exercise at home love to explore the property, providing them with mental stimulation which can be very tiring!  We also do swim therapy with the senior dogs, and find that it can relieve pain associated with hip dysplasia.  Plus, the cool water can help with inflammation and swelling, providing a natural form of pain relief.  

Our goal is to provide your dogs with a unique atmosphere, designed with the dog in mind, not the human.  Dogs are simple creatures and when given the chance to just be a dog, they are very content and happy.  


Like most California towns, Valley Center and its surrounding hamlets of Pauma Valley, Pala and Palomar Mountain are steeped in Native American history.  The Luiseno cultivated these lands before the arrival of the Franciscan padres who came to the area in search of sites upon which to establish missions.  The simple but beautiful Mission San Antonio de Pala, located in the village of Pala, is an example of one such mission. Settlers arrived first in the Valley Center area to participate in the Rancho Guejito Spanish land grant and, after the Mexican-American War, came in even greater numbers as a result of the Homestead Act of 1862's promise of free land.

Valley Center has also been known as Lilac Valley because of the brilliant lilac fields that emblazon the countryside every spring and fall.  It has also been known as Bear Valley in honor of the now-famous giant grizzly bear that was shot here in the late 1800's.  Weighing in at over 2,200, this bear is said to be the largest grizzly ever shot in California.  In 1887, the U.S. Postmaster approved the name Valley Center and it has been that way ever since.

Valley Center is everyone's idea of a small town with farms, horse ranches, pumpkin fields, hometown parades, rodeos, quaint shops, family-owned restaurants and businesses, historical sites, and good people who love their town and love to share it with visitors.


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We do our best to take pics of all the dogs who stay with us so our customers can see their dogs in action...