What We Do 


If you would like to donate any of the items listed below we would be very grateful!

1.  Treadmill - must be in good condition and working!
2.  Tennis Balls or Chuck-it Balls
3.  Nature's Domain dog food (from COSTCO) -Beef or Salmon flavor
4. Wire Crates with plastic tray inserts (we have many plastic travel crates but don't typically use them because they are too warm for the dogs.)

PLEASE CONTACT LORI at doggyhydeaway@gmail.com for further information or to donate one of the above items.



Most behavior issues begin in the home, where your dog(s) feels most comfortable.  Our Behavior Specialist will come to your home and observe you and your dog in your home atmosphere.  Many times, minor issues can be resolved in one visit by altering the way you react to your dog's behavior... read more

In order to be successful in rehabilitating your dog, you must be willing to modify some of your reactive behaviors, as well as learn new responses to your dog’s particular issues...read more

For information on our
Dog Behaviorist, Nick Martinez,
click HERE

Pre-Training Rehabilitation
Balancing your dog prior to further training (obedience, rescue, etc.) will greatly improve your results and overall experience with your dog...read more

Customer Reviews

Referrals based on personal experience are the best form of advertising for a service business like ours. Your experience, as well as your dog's, is our top priority and we value your input and comments.  Thank you in advance for taking a few moments to write a review on our services...click the link above and fill out the form.  We may use your review on other websites that we advertise through.  

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